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What We Do

We are a sourcing, supply chain and food product development company that identifies inefficiencies and opportunities in the global food product markets to generate value for our partners and customers.

In supply chain and sourcing we look for ways to streamline and extract profit by connecting supply with demand efficiently. In product development we look for opportunities to create markets and products in underserved categories.

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Sourcing and Supply Chain

Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Our core focus is our strength of knowledge about the frozen fruit and vegetable sourcing and supply chain marketplace globally. Our strategy entails sourcing an immediate need for our customers and using that leverage and positive experience to win exclusive supply chain/sourcing services contracts with bulk purchasing companies. We are very active in this space and are sourcing multiple IQF Fruits currently for several large companies.

Fresh Tomato Pizza with Basil

Food Product Development

Unique Products and Categories

We also develop and co-develop unique products with our partners and expand them into entire categories within large retail chains. We are able to seek out inefficiencies that exist in current products, product lines and categories and quickly develop better products that our customers can offer. We have deep long-term relationships with the big retail chains and food manufacturing companies who can scale quickly to make products that we need to serve our customers’ demands. We are currently in development of several brands we have been asked to develop for domestic and international retailers.

About US

Green Field Foods was founded in 2018 by Bill Munro and his two partners with the vision of growing the company into a multi-million dollar food company.  During the next two years Bill Munro began taking over more and more of the day to day activities for the corporation and in 2020 purchased his partners shares in the corporation with a visons to grow the company to even greater heights. 

Green Field Foods has consistently grown 150% above budgeted forecasts for the last several years and current projections have Green Field Foods continuing this trend for the next several years based on our expanding customer base in Sourcing Services segment of our business.

We also plan to launch our unique in-house developed products in the next year or so with our Regional & National Retail Partners which would allow us to continue to grow our business well beyond our current revenue projections for the next 5+ years!

Munro Photo 2

President & CEO

Bill Munro

Professional Experience: Bill has 25+ years in various aspects of Procurement Strategy, Supply Chain Management & Operational Efficiency in the food manufacturing industry. His responsibilities have included Supply Chain Transformation, International Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Logistics and Production Plant Fulfillment, New Product Development & Product Marketing as well as all key areas of Operations and Retail Customer Product Development.


Community Involvement: Bill is very involved in the Autism community when his son was diagnosed with Autism 13 years ago. He is the Founder of the non-profit "​Billy’s Journey" ​which helps families with children living with Autism with financial support and through connecting them to different therapy providers and treatment programs.

Contact Us

Green Field Foods, Inc.
310 S. Jefferson St. #39B
Placentia, CA 92870


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